Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little by Peggy Gifford

Betsy-Bee’s review:

Moxy Maxwell is a nine year old crazy girl who has to read the book Stuart Little. She keeps the book with her all summer, And she does not read it (It seems like she will fall in love with him!). She always has a excuse for why she does not read it. It made me think about when I have excuses to not do my school, my jobs, etc. She takes Stuart Little with her everywhere! She has very good ideas all the time, and one of them was a Peach Orchard. She accidently drowned her mom’s Prizewinning Dahlias and her mom got mad at her and let her go to one place and could not go to some other place and she had to stay home. Eventually she stays up all night and reads all of the book of Stuart Little. Moxy’s twin brother Mark is always taking photos. I love the characters: Moxy Maxwell, Mark Maxwell, Pansy Maxwell, Miss Maxwell, the dogs, Mudd and Rosie, Moxy’s friend Sam, Mr. Maxwell (Ajax). It is a very good and funny book. Moxy Maxwell is a funny, crazy, bossy, smart, good excuse girl and a good friend. You should really read Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little today! Make sure you read all of it .(I’m not kidding!)

Sherry’s Mom Thoughts: Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little really is a good book, one of the funniest I’ve read this year. Check out these sample chapter titles:

Chapter 8: In Which Moxy Actually Considers Reading Stuart Little.
Chapter 11: The Part Where the Story Really Starts to Heat Up.
Chapter 32: In Which Moxy’s Mother Sees a Dahlia Fall From the Sky.
Chapter 36: The Breath of Ajax Is Felt Upon Moxy

Great fun. Easy enough for a second or third grader to read, and yet there’s enough universally appealing kid humor to hold the interest of older children and even adults like me.

The photographs with captions, ostensibly taken by Moxy’s twin brother Mark, are an integral part of the story and very well done. I think kids are going to love this book, and they might even be inspired to read Stuart Little after they finish reading about Moxy Maxwell’s adventures.

By the way, I think Betsy-Bee has a new nickname for those times when she’s acting a bit like Moxy Maxwell. Don’t you think calling her “Moxy-Bee” with a smile will encourage her to ditch the excuses and distractions and get to work?

This book has been nominated for the Cybil Award for Middle Grade Fiction. Do you have a favorite children’s book published in 2007? Nominations are still open in the following categories: Fantasy and Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Fiction Picture Books, Middle Grade Fiction, Middle Grade and Young Adult Nonfiction, Nonfiction Picture Books, Poetry, and Young Adult Fiction.

4 thoughts on “Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little by Peggy Gifford

  1. dear Peggy Gifford, I love this book Moxy Maxwell dose not love Stuart Little. I don’t love books that much but your book changed my mind. My favorit chapter is chapter 33! riley williamson age 9

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