Children’s Fiction of 2007: No Talking! by Andrew Clements

From Karate Kid:

No Talking is the title of a very good book that I just read. It is about a boy named Dave, who, while studying about India, read about a man called Ghandi. Ghandi once said, “I sometimes stop talking for awhile, just to clear my mind.”

Dave was amazed by this and decided to try it, though later that day he was to give the report on India! When it was time to present his half and for a girl named Lynsey to present hers, he just started to cough, and cough, and cough, AND COUGH! Later Lynsey asked him why he was like that earlier. He had never really liked Lynsey, and that feeling most definitely went both ways. He didn’t answer Lynsey, and then they went to lunch.

He was usually a BIG talker at lunch, but today… it was different. He listened to Lynsey talking at the other table. She was talking about this sweater that this one person that she didn’t like had gotten and tried to give it to her. Of course she turned it down and the girl walked off. “I bet if you stopped talking for five minutes your head would EXPLODE!” He didn’t really mean to say that but he was sorta glad he did. For he and Lynsey later made a sort of war. No talking for two whole days unless a teacher asked you something and even then you could only answer with a three word sentence! I liked this book, and it is nominated for the Cybil Award! So buy it and read it soon!

From Sherry:

I’ll just add that the story has an interesting premise, and the results of the no-talking war or experiment or whatever are quite educational for all involved—kids, teachers, parents, even the school principal. I’ve often thought a moratorium on talking for a day or a vow of silence on my part might produce some growth in me and some useful reactions in others. Maybe we’ll try it out one day soon.

I’ve never read Frindle or any others of Mr. Clements’ books, although I have heard of him. I think I’ll recommend some of his other fiction to Karate Kid since he enjoyed this one so much. Does anybody have any other favorite books by Andrew Clements to suggest?

8 thoughts on “Children’s Fiction of 2007: No Talking! by Andrew Clements

  1. My nine-year-old just finished a Clements unit at school. We had read several at home, but she just declared him the best ever. I really liked Frindle. We read it aloud together. I think you’d like it too.

  2. Betsy

    Good job! I am reading it.

  3. Santiago Ramierez

    The Report Card is a really good book by Andrew Clements

  4. ashley

    i read this book in 8 grade it is so nice.

  5. Samantha

    Dear Mr.Clements,
    I just finished reading one of your books, “No Talking”. I am trying to find more information about you. I have about 4 questions left I have to answer but google is giving me a hard time. I am 9. I am trying to do a book project for my teacher Miss. White. I am trying to give a good report so that she will see I am a good student. I am in year around school so I am in school right now.My book report is due soon so can you please tell me what was your favorite book you wrote?
    Samantha from Holly Springs, North Carolina
    P.S I love your books

  6. hannah

    a very interesting book. something all my family could enjoy

  7. i read this book in grade 4.I’m so smarth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Brianna

    This is great book and I encourage everyone who thinks that they talk too much to read this book…

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