Children’s Fiction of 2007: The Lemonade War by Jaqueline Davies

This book is about Evan. He is in the fourth grade this year and guess what? His sister, Jessie is too! You see, she always had been smarter than him. And she skipped a grade, because of that! He screamed and yelled, and I quote, “I hate you!”! He had always wanted an I-pod, but never had the money to get one. So he, as he and his sister always did when he wasn’t mad at her, made a lemonade stand! But the bad thing is, that so did his sister! Later that day they challenged each other to a…


This is when two or more people make two or more lemonade stands to make money with. Whoever makes a hundred dollars by the end of summer (that was five days from then), wins and takes all the money that the other made, too! If neither of them makes $100.00, then who ever has the most, wins! But remember, it has to be made from lemonade stands! Jessie’s motivation is she wants to get her old big brother back; Evan’s motivation… hmm… he just wants to prove that he is smarter than his sister!

This book is not only a good reading book, but it also gives some good ideas for your own lemonade stand. On the last page, they have “Ten Tips For Turning Lemons Into Loot!”, that is, a bunch of business ideas for making a successful stand! I really liked this book and I hope that you do to! So get it at a library and read it!

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