Gleaned from the Saturday Review

Reluctant Fundamentalist–Hamid. Recommended by Laura. Laura says this book is both suspenseful and thought-provoking as a nervous American interviews a Pakistani man in a cafe. The two discuss Muslim perceptions of Amerians and American life.

Chris at Book-a-rama read The House on the Strand, a Daphne du Maurier story about time travel into the Middle Ages. I think I could stand some du Maurier right now, seems sort of fall-ish.

This dystopian novel by Gemma Malley reminds me of Children of Men by P.D. James or the Hidden series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Thanks, Becky, for the review.

What Would Barbra Do?: How Musicals Changed My Life by Emma Broches. Recommended at Moomin Light. Sounds delightful. I love movie musicals. I left a comment at Moomin Light about my favorite musicals. What are yours?

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose is also nonfiction, but rather more on the serious side. I think I would be as inspired by this story of resistance to the Nazi regime as was Krista at Musings of a Lady.

What did you find in the Saturday Review that piqued your interest?

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  1. Matt Anderson’s review of Purified by Fire sounds quite interesting. I just wish I could join the conversation.

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