Saturday Review of Books: November 9, 2013

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors. A book is good company. It is full of conversation without loquacity.
It comes to your longing with full instruction, but pursues you never.” ~Henry Ward Beecher


Welcome to the Saturday Review of Books at Semicolon. Here’s how it usually works. Find a book review on your blog posted sometime during the previous week. The review doesn’t have to be a formal sort of thing. You can link to your thoughts on a particular book, a few ideas inspired by reading the book, your evaluation, quotations, whatever.

Then on Friday night/Saturday, you post a link here at Semicolon in Mr. Linky to the specific post where you’ve written your book review. Don’t link to your main blog page because this kind of link makes it hard to find the book review, especially when people drop in later after you’ve added new content to your blog. In parentheses after your name, add the title of the book you’re reviewing. This addition will help people to find the reviews they’re most interested in reading.

After linking to your own reviews, you can spend as long as you want reading the reviews of other bloggers for the week and adding to your wishlist of books to read. That’s how my own TBR list has become completely unmanageable and the reason I can’t join any reading challenges. I have my own personal challenge that never ends.

1. Thoughts of Joy (The Fifth Witness)
2. Becky (Mandy)
3. Becky (Olive and the Bad Mood)
4. Becky (Becoming Shakespeare)
5. Becky (The Bastard King)
6. Becky (The Lion of Justice)
7. Becky (The Passionate Enemies)
8. Becky (Allegiant)
9. Becky (When Breaks the Dawn)
10. Becky (Spunky’s Diary)
11. Becky (Prodigal Cat)
12. Becky (Almost Heaven)
13. C.S. Lewis and the Glory of God
14. Glynn (As Far As I Know)
15. SuziQoregon @ Whimpulsive (These Happy Golden Years)
16. SuziQoregon @ Whimpulsive [Fables Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (and Days)]
17. Seth@Collateral Bloggage (Still the Best Hope)
18. Sally @ Classic Children’s Books (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
19. Barbara H. (A Severe Mercy)
20. Barbara H. (The Chance by Karen Kingsbury)
21. Helene (A Cast of Stones)
22. Janet (Dr Thorne)
23. jama (Yes! We Are Latinos)
24. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Nobody’s Secret by MacColl)
25. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Counting by 7s)
26. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Doll People)
27. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Thanksgiving book list)
28. Colleen@Books in the City (Rococo by Adriana Trigiani)
29. dawn (Ender’s Game)
30. Brenda (Starbounders by Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobson)
31. Becky (Fortunately, The Milk)
32. Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies (The Tulip Eaters)
33. Anna @ Diary of an Eccentric (Sophia’s War: The End of Innocence)
34. Anna @ Diary of an Eccentric (The Queen of Bad Decisions)
35. Beckie @ ByTheBook (Snow on The Tulips)
36. Beckie @ ByTheBook (The Sparkle Box)
37. Beckie @ ByTheBook (Strait of Hormuz)
38. Beckie @ ByTheBook (To Know You)
39. Sophie @ Paper Breathers (Pathfinder)
40. Sophie @ Paper Breathers (Born to Run)

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  1. Thanks, Sherry.

  2. Thanks Sherry, I like the quote.

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