Saturday Review of Books: November 2, 2013

“A good story should alter you in some way; it should change your thinking, your feeling, your psyche, or the way you look at things. A story is an abstract experience; it’s rather like venturing through a maze. When you come out of it, you should feel slightly changed.” ~Allen Say


Welcome to the Saturday Review of Books at Semicolon. Here’s how it usually works. Find a book review on your blog posted sometime during the previous week. The review doesn’t have to be a formal sort of thing. You can link to your thoughts on a particular book, a few ideas inspired by reading the book, your evaluation, quotations, whatever.

Then on Friday night/Saturday, you post a link here at Semicolon in Mr. Linky to the specific post where you’ve written your book review. Don’t link to your main blog page because this kind of link makes it hard to find the book review, especially when people drop in later after you’ve added new content to your blog. In parentheses after your name, add the title of the book you’re reviewing. This addition will help people to find the reviews they’re most interested in reading.

After linking to your own reviews, you can spend as long as you want reading the reviews of other bloggers for the week and adding to your wishlist of books to read. That’s how my own TBR list has become completely unmanageable and the reason I can’t join any reading challenges. I have my own personal challenge that never ends.

1. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Center of Everything by Linda Urban)
2. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Almost wordless Cybils picture fiction)
3. Alysa (Hoop Genius)
4. Barbara H. (Thoughts on missionary biographies and a list of favorites)
5. Barbara H. (It Is Not Death to Die: A New Biography of Hudson Taylor)
6. Barbara H. (The Journals of Jim Elliot)
7. Barbara H. (Sometimes I Prefer to Fuss))
8. Becky (Cat in the Window)
9. Becky (Year of Billy Miller)
10. Becky (Handel Who Knew What He Liked)
11. Becky (Antony and Cleopatra)
12. Becky (Outcasts United)
13. Becky (Time Travelers Guide to Elizabethan England)
14. Becky (Through the Looking Glass)
15. Karen Edmisten (Island of the Blue Dolphins)
16. Seth@Collateral Bloggage (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
17. SuziQoregon @ Whimpulsive (The Tilted World)
18. Thoughts of Joy (The Silver Star)
19. Thoughts of Joy (Bringing Down the House)
20. Hope (Cousin Phillis by Elizabeth Gaskell)
21. Colleen@Books in the City (One Doctor)
22. Carol in Oregon (Comparing Lucy Maud Montgomery, Part 2)
23. Janet (On Stories)
24. No Longer a Slumdog
25. Sophie @ Paper Breathers (Linger)
26. Sophie @ Paper Breathers (Blue Diablo)
27. Lazygal (Captives)
28. Lazygal (The September Society)
29. Lazygal (The Winter People)
30. Lazygal (Frozen in Time)
31. Lazygal (Under the Wide and Starry Sky)
32. Anna @ Diary of an Eccentric (The Importance of Being Emma)
33. Anna @ Diary of an Eccentric (Joanna Trollope’s Sense & Sensibility)
34. Terry Delaney (Christmas Notes)
35. Carol -A Literary Journey
36. Becky (The String Quartet)
37. Glynn (Growth in Leadership)
38. Glynn (Sleeping Keys: Poems)
39. Glynn (Book of Common Prayer)
40. Beth@Weavings (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
41. 3000 degrees
42. Beckie @ ByTheBook (Books by Colleen Coble, Beth Wiseman, and Tricia Goyer))
43. Beckie @ ByTheBook (Torn Blood)

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Review of Books: November 2, 2013

  1. Amy @ Hope Is the Word

    Comment 2 is the wrong link. Sorry about that!

  2. Fixed. Thanks, Amy.

  3. I haven’t been able to get the linky to work today. I tried earlier and then again just now, so I hope I didn’t end up spamming the list. I’m not sure whether there is a problem with my computer or with the linky but it looks like others are getting through (with some great books!) so it must be something on my end. I’ll try again next week. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Thanks Sherry, just linked.

  5. thanks, Sherry.

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