Children’s Fiction of 2007: Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill

Deet’s dad is in jail. He’s been taking drugs to stay awake so that he can hold down a second job, and somehow he got caught. It’s a first offense, but nevertheless Dad gets sent to jail for a six month stretch. A first, Deet is humiliated, angry, and confused, but slowly he begins to see that having a parent in jail is not the end of the world.

Good story. Good characters. Deet is the super-organized, hyper-responsible, oldest child, and both of his parents are a little too loosey-goosey and disorganized for the family’s own good. Some of that irresponsibility is what gets Deet’s family into this mess. Deet has a great teacher at school in whom he can confide via a assigned “quotations journal.” (Deet writes his reflections on various quotations from his quotation book.) Deet also meets other people who visit their loved ones in jail, and he becomes friends with some of them. These are the good parts of the story.

However, all the way through the book, I felt as if I were trapped in a sociology lecture about prison reform. The author inserts comments on how many people the United States jails and how high the illiteracy rate is among prison inmates. I liked the story parts, but when the author “went to preachin'” I had the impulse to skim. And sometimes I did.

4 thoughts on “Children’s Fiction of 2007: Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill

  1. Whitney Tyre

    this is a really good book deet and his dad are like the best in the totally world so rock on kirkpatrick hill

  2. I can relate part of my life to this book. I’d recommend thid book to everyone !!! Oh, and the moral of the story is sooooo true. 🙂 🙂

  3. steven romero


  4. This was one of my fav books i ever read in a long time.. remarks made me LOL!!!
    If you didnt absoluuuuuutly love this book your CRAZY!!! The message sent made me cry:( but other parts made me happy and made me LOL!!:)(like i said B4).. But the poing of me wasting my precious time with my hot new boyfriend was to let you kow you have got to read this book!!!!!! Well another book you should read is the new twightlight version… vampires suck… coming out next year!! i already it.. my friend is Stephinie meyer.. to get it call me at 813-629-4334.. Well i gtg you can call me though.. TTYL

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