Sunday Salon: Links and Thinks

What does the fox say? Thanks, Bill. I got my horse/fox laugh for the day.

I love this poem by one of my favorite bloggers: On the porch with Liza.

It’s amazing to me how hung up and mixed up we can be about skin color and personal appearance, and it’s not just black and white. Watch this video at Mitali Perkins’ blog, Fire Escape, called Rise, Dark Girls. Discuss.

Danielle by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello. Another video worth watching. My girls responded to the aging process with “yuck” and “eewwww”. Clearly we have issues to address as far as “ageism” and the graceful response to aging that I want my family to have.

One of my family members has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, so this new sitcom starring Michael J. Fox is of especial interest to me. What do you think? Can he pull it off? Will it be funny?

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