Book Tag: Books for a Senior Citizen

How would you like to play book tag this summer? The idea for this game originally came from Carmon at her blog Buried Treasure, but since she no longer seems to be keeping a blog, I thought we’d play here.

“In this game, readers suggest a good book in the category given, then let somebody else be ‘it’ before they offer another suggestion. There is no limit to the number of books a person may suggest, but they need to politely wait their turn with only one book suggestion per comment.”

Here are links to some of Carmon’s book tag posts:

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Last week we played book tag by suggesting books for my Dancer Daughter’s summer reading list. (You can still go to that post and suggest books for Dancer Daughter, age 23.) Now it’s time to go older, much older. My mom is almost 80 years old, and she likes to read on her Kindle so that she can adjust the size of the print. What books do you suggest for a “seasoned citizen” who likes to read classics and new books both?

6 thoughts on “Book Tag: Books for a Senior Citizen

  1. My mother (almost 80) really enjoyed the Cat Who mysteries by Lillian Braun ~

  2. SoCalLynn

    My 70 year old mom likes Lauraine Snelling’s historical fiction series, Red River of the North.

  3. If your mom likes nonfiction at all, she should read Unbroken. Of course, I think EVERYONE should read it. 😉

  4. Mom will be 80 in July & loves mysteries that aren’t “too blood-spatter or swear-filled” like those featuring Sister Marie Helen (by Sister Carol Anne O’Marie) or the Puzzle Lady (by Parnell Hall) or Crossword Mysteries by Nero Blanc.

    I also found her great recent auto/biographies by personalities she’s always enjoyed, such as Carol Burnett.

    And just for funny, check on Quirk Books’ brand-new picture book of Abbott & Costello’s classic baseball routine Who’s On First? Word for word the original, plus clever art of animal baseball players. I swear that bunny looks just like Bud Costello!! My review here:


  5. Yes, Amy, I already had her read Unbroken a few months ago, and she liked it very much. The other suggestions I’ll pass on to her.

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