Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death by Richard Peck

“I wondered if the pressures of schoolwork had unhinged his mind. His mind hangs by a single hinge at the best of times.” (p. 43)

“I don’t take much pleasure in the discomfort of others. But I take some.” (p. 48)

“You would need your own personal Rosetta Stone to decipher the peculiar ways of a parent.” (p. 48)

Cute story. Not much historical information. If you’re disturbed by the idea of a corpse travelling back and forth from Ancient Egypt to small town USA or by mummies’ curses and psychic visions and suchlike, you might want to skip this one. But it is funny, and the voice of the narrator, Blossom, age 14, is feisty and memorable. In fact, Mr. Peck has a whole series of books about Blossom Culp set in the early 1900’s in Bluff City, (Iowa?), and this one is the fourth in the series. If it sounds good to you, you might want to start with the first one, The Ghost Belonged To Me. I read this book to see if it would fit into our study of Ancient Egypt. It didn’t.

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  1. This brings back memories! And it’s funny because I was just looking at a list of his Peck’s books the other day thinking I should read him again.

    He was one of my favourite authors as a kid. Good Stuff!

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