Book Review: First Daughter, by Mitali Perkins

I started this book as a school reader and I must say, at first, I could not get interested in it. It was school, I didn’t want to read it, it was a waste of my time, etc. But finally, after much urging from my mother, I sat down and made myself read it. And I liked it.

It is about a Pakistani American girl named Sameera Righton, the adopted daughter of the Elizabeth Righton and James Righton, 2008 US presidential candidate. While in public, the Rightons may seem on top of things and sure of themselves, but alone, James is unsure of and struggling with his stance on religion, Elizabeth is still having trouble finishing her “freaking” report, and Sameera just wants to blog on her “myplace” and ignore her fake website that was set up in order to boost her father’s presidential campaign. She is disturbed by the fake personality set up for her by her father’s campaign manager. Covered with makeup and costumed in the latest styles, giggly and girly, she feels very much unlike herself.

Then, Sameera meets a group of middle eastern teenagers who are rooting for father to win. They convince Sameera to publicize a blog that shows her own thoughts, and who she really is.

One of the things I especially liked was the use of a blog, which gave me the feel of it being “real,” to refer to places such as I also liked the insight to being “famous.” So, despite the occasional crude words thrown in here and there, it was a good book.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: First Daughter, by Mitali Perkins

  1. BB, glad you liked the book — would love for you to vote on the cover for book two on my blog. FYI, you’ll be happy to know that the published copy of FD:EAM does not have crude words. Unless you count “freaking.” Is that a crude word? I get confused when it comes to what’s considered swearing as it changes. Hang in there, school’s almost OVER! Summer rocks!

  2. Well, there’s no swearing. But there were a couple of “hell’s” crossed out, which can be considered rude. But I assume those were not going to be in the book anymore? Oh, and doesn’t she say “crap” at one point? They’re not really bad, just kind of crude. I just thought I should mention. =D

  3. Brown Bear

    The above comment was made by me.

  4. Oh, I get it. Crude vs. swearing. It’s hard when one of your characters acts out and you can’t seem to get her to toe your line. Sparrow’s Mom’s just … like that. I tried to reign her in, as Sparrow does, and Gran, but she’s a feisty one.

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