Fine Art and Poetry Friday: Silk and Butterflies


Salvador Dali was born May 11, 1904. The painting is called Alegorie de Soie; I think it means Allegory of Silk.

Who is the woman in right background?

Why are the shadows of the butterflies so prominent? Because it’s an allegory?

What is the yellow egg in the center?

And what are the two rock pillars on either side?

It’s almost like figuring out a LOST episode. What do you think it means?

I found this poem that I liked and which seemed to go with the painting:

To the Dead Favourite of Liu Ch’e

by Djuna Barnes (1892–1982)

THE SOUND of rustling silk is stilled,
With solemn dust the court is filled,
No footfalls echo on the floor;
A thousand leaves stop up her door,
Her little golden drink is spilled.

Her painted fan no more shall rise
Before her black barbaric eyes—
The scattered tea goes with the leaves.
And simply crossed her yellow sleeves;
And every day a sunset dies.

Her birds no longer coo and call,
The cherry blossoms fade and fall,
Nor ever does her shadow stir,
But stares forever back at her,
And through her runs no sound at all.

And bending low, my falling tears
Drop fast against her little ears,
And yet no sound comes back, and I
Who used to play her tenderly
Have touched her not a thousand years.

The poet seems to have been a person of rather dubious character, but I still like the poem.

Today’s Poetry Friday round-up is posted at HipWriterMama.

3 thoughts on “Fine Art and Poetry Friday: Silk and Butterflies


    when was this painting painted..need it for art homework..helP??

  2. Claire

    It was made in 1950.

  3. Luna

    hey, do you might know what is the size and medium of the painting?
    i need it for my art homework please helpp ??

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