LOST Rehash: The Brig, or Who’s In Prison?

Brigantine Built in Nova Scotia in 1861
WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! You say, I can’t do that: don’t tell me what I can’t do!

I. don’t. get. it.

O.K., it’s called “The Brig.” A brig is a ship’s prison. Obviously, Locke locked his daddy up in the brig, and James/Sawyer was locked up, too. James has also been “imprisoned” in his revenge, and now he’s free? Are all the LOSTies in the brig, so to speak? Imprisoned on the island until they work out their own salvation with fear and trembling? We’re back to purgatory. Locke’s dad Sawyer thought they were all dead and in hell, but if someone’s already dead, how could James/Sawyer kill him?

I don’t think they’re in hell or in purgatory.

Why did The Others want Locke to kill his dad? And why didn’t Locke either do the deed or tell Ben and The Others to go jump in the lake? If Locke’s capable of finding his own private assassin and sitting outside listening while Assassin James strangles his dad, why couldn’t he just do it himself. Why does the whole plot remind me of a Greek play? Not Oedipus, but some other Greek play where a guy is supposed to kill his father out of revenge? Locke’s on his own journey. O.K., Locke is a loose cannon, no more to be trusted than is Jack.

Is Kate an idiot? She decides to tell Jack about Parachute Girl, Naomi, and then because Juliet won’t leave immediately, Kate blurts out everything to both of them. Again, is Kate an idiot?

Is Naomi telling the truth? I rather doubt it. I think she’s a plant. Maybe she’s one of the Others or someone sent by the Dharma folks to spy on them. That communication device isn’t going to work.

Oh, nice touch, Sawyer’s fake name was “Tom Sawyer,” the ultimate con artist. Tom Sawyer was really interested in pirate ships and kidnapping people and finding treasure, too.

2 thoughts on “LOST Rehash: The Brig, or Who’s In Prison?

  1. “Again, is Kate an idiot?” LOL! She is driving me crazy. The whole thing is, really. Why do I do this to myself?!

  2. What was the deal with Sawyer getting locked up in the brig? Wouldn’t that wooden ship be old and rotting? Maybe it was petrified. Good thought about Naomi being a plant.

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