Book Review: Bella at Midnight, by Diane Stanley

Note from Sherry: This book is on my list for the Once Upon a Time Challenge because Brown Bear Daughter read it and enjoyed it so much. I haven’t read it yet, but she did and here’s her review:

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about reading this book at first. I didn’t think I would like it very much, though I love a few others similar to it (Ella Enchanted, to name one). Nevertheless, I did read it, and I really enjoyed it. I like books with romance in them almost as much as I like depressing books, and this was a romantic book.

The whole book is in first person, but the chapters switch from character to character narrating, which was interesting. (I wrote a story like that except that it switched between two characters while this one switched between many more than two.) I really liked this because it gave me different views of different people though of the same situation.

It starts with Maud, the title character (Bella’s) aunt, narrating. She is sent a letter from her brother-in-law, which said that her sister, was pregnant and that he wanted Maud to be there during the birth. Maud, greatly surprised at this because her brother had never shown any interest in her family except for her sister and had moved his family away soon after the marriage, rode quickly to Sir Edward, to her brother-in-law’s, house. There, Catherine, her sister, gave birth to a baby girl named Isabel, but died soon afterwards. Maud gives the baby to Beatrice, who fosters Isabel for a time. Beatrice has also fostered Julian, a prince of Moranmoor, who, when he was about three years old, left them. He came back to visit them, however, and there he met Isabel, still a baby. He could not pronounce her name, so he called her “Bella.” Later, when many events have changed Bella’s life to where she lives with her unloving father and his harsh, new wife, Bella discovers that the life of Julian may be in danger. Julian, who is a truce hostage at a neighboring kingdom, is far away and Bella despairs of warning him soon enough to save his life.

I liked this book for its adventure and romance. It’s too bad I’m not going to give away the ending, which is one of the best parts of the entire story. You’ll just have to read it.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: Bella at Midnight, by Diane Stanley

  1. I just picked this up at TLA!! Diane Stanley signed it for me.

  2. Oh….this looks good! Nice review. I may just have to add this to my list of TBR.

  3. What a beautiful book cover. I’m adding this to my TBR list as well.

  4. Tabby

    I wasn’t sure about this book either. It took me awhile to gt accustomed to the constant switching of character. When I did though, I must say I was absolutely hooked. I could barely put it down. It is a great adventure of love and hope. I adored it.

  5. I got this book for a summer reading project and it is taking me a while to actully read it and understand it.

  6. it was hard for me to understand the begining because i was not used to books with chapters that only had one character’s point of view. But after a few chapters, i got used to it, and i thought it was wonderful!!!

  7. elizabeth

    hi my name is elizabeth escobedo i an 10 years old and
    i read your book bella at midnight and LOVED it it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing i didnt want to put it down!!!!!!!!!!

  8. cristina

    i love the book but you should put the end of it!

  9. Lindsey

    i love this book it is so good

  10. I am 12 old and I’m reading it to take a test on it at school. (it’s a young hoosier book.) It is really good, i haven’t read the end yet. I can’t believe how good it is i don’t know about you but I am a fantasy book kind of person and books about princesses and magic get me hooked i read 150 pgs in an hour and a halfso I personally love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. marie

    i picked this book in the 6th grade and i hav e read every year for 3 years straight. i love this book! it is absolutely amazing

  12. alice

    kiki, im 12 also and reading this book it is so amazing i luv fantasie this book got me hooked right away this is one of the best books ive ever read!!! …. this and the mortal insturments 😉

  13. Veronica Montalvo

    I am 10 years old and Bella at midnight is one of my favorite book.
    I really enjoyed it . I had to read three books for the summer and the third book it was I choice book and I looked at Bella at Midnight and I looked at the cover and I thought it looked like a good book and I was right .

  14. alexis

    hi im alexis and i am 10 years old and i choose this book because it looks interesing and i am reading it to take a test on it in school i havent read the ending do you no a website where i can read it 4 free. ialso got this book cuz it has romance and a princess.

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