Poetry Month: Favorite Poets

“Poetry may not change the world, but its lack will.”~Carol Willette Bachofner

A few years ago during National Poetry Month a couple of bloggers were highlighting their favorite poets:

Stefanie at So Many Books says “Adrienne Rich is my favorite poet. . . . For Rich, poetry must be engaged with the world. Poetry is action and the poet must be committed to the act of poetry itself and the poem acting in the world.”

At The Common Room, The Headmistress gives us Phyllis McGinley: here, and here, and here, and here.

My favorite poet? Maybe Edgar Allan Poe. He and I love the sounds of words.
Or Robert Frost. He and I like stories, poetic stories.
Or Lewis Carroll. He and I like to laugh.

Who’s yours?

At the Favorite Poem Project you can watch video presentations of many diverse Americans’ favorite poems.
But do tell us here what your favorite is, too. In addition to naming your favorite poet, tell us the title of your favorite poem.

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