Olympic Athletes: We’ve All Got a Story

Like millions around the world, I like watching the Olympics every four years, even though I hardly ever watch sports any other time. I watch the gymnasts and the swimmers and the runners and marvel at what they can do with body that God has given them. But even more than watching the feats of athletic prowess, I enjoy reading and hearing the stories of those athletes who have trained themselves to physical preeminence, and who are also pursuing spiritual maturity in Christ. Here a links to few stories I’ve found inspiring:

Sarah Scherer, who will vie for a gold medal in the air rifle competition at the London Olympics, draws strength from her faith in God after a tragedy shook her life two years ago.

Missy Franklin, swimming gold medalist:

Brady Ellison, archery: “I just step on the field and try to let how I shoot, how I behave and how I act in my life represent myself and God. If people like that, they do; if they don’t, they don’t.”

Francena McCorory, track.

Ryan Hall, marathoner. “I was a runner who happened to be a Christian. I needed to become a Christian who happened to be a runner.”

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