Poetry and Fine Art Friday: Frosty Doors

Knock at the Door

Knock at the Door

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Today in American Literature class, we’re reading and discussing Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg. I’m rather fond of Frost, and some of Sandburg’s poetry is fun, too.

Here’s a poem by Mr. Frost that you may not know:

The Door in the Dark

In going from room to room in the dark,
I reached out blindly to save my face,
But neglected, however lightly, to lace
My fingers and close my arms in an arc.
A slim door got in past my guard,
And hit me a blow in the head so hard
I had my native simile jarred.
So people and things don’t pair any more
With what they used to pair with before.

You may not think the picture pairs too well with the poem, but maybe I just ran into a door in the dark.

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Watch out for those poetic doors; they may knock your native similes all out of whack.

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4 thoughts on “Poetry and Fine Art Friday: Frosty Doors

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve read that one by Frost before. I like it. I’ve run into a few doors in the dark.

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