New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

In no particular order:

1. Participate in Poetry Friday. I’ve been reading other people’s poetry posts, but I’d like to share more of my favorites.

2. Participate more often in carnivals, especially The Carnival of Homeschooling and the Christian Carnival. That means I must write posts that fit into those carnivals.

3. Don’t be a Lazy Linker; do be a Frequent Friend. (Shades of Romper Room!) I like pointing out the good stuff I read on the web, and I enjoy giving credit where credt is due. But sometime I get lazy.

4. Publicize the Saturday Review of Books even more because I really do enjoy reading other people’s book reviews.

5. Continue writing about books and authors, but write more about my own thoughts on whatever I think about. Write more essay-type posts.

6. Use more pictures. I could use my own photos or appropriate pictures from

7. Get Computer-Guru Son to re-design the blog template. It’s time to redecorate.

8. Comment more on other people’s blogs. This one is related to #3. I would like to be an encourager and a stimulator-of-great-thoughts.

9. Encourage others I know in “real life” to start a blog. I know some profound thinkers and writers who could blog great things.

10. Just keep blogging. I’ve found my niche, for now anyway.

14 thoughts on “New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

  1. You can get some great, royalty free, photos at

    I use it all the time and they have a huge range of pictures.

  2. You certainly have found your niche, Sherry!

    I’m looking forward to your changes and the things that stay the same. Yours is always an encouraging, entertaining, and enlightening daily read.

    I’d like to participate in your Saturday book review in the future.

    Tell me more about poetry Friday. . .

  3. One of my resolutions is to start writing about what I read so that I can participate in your Saturday Review of Books! Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

  4. I want to try to keep up with carnivals better also and poetry Friday.
    I think your blog is just a bit different which makes it worthwhile to stop over.

  5. Wonderful resolutions Sherry!

  6. Oh, I like your list, especially the part about commenting. I have several extended family members who read my blog but never leave a comment.

  7. Wonderful goals, if a lot of them. Happy blogging in 2007!

  8. hey, Sherry. Do hop onboard the Poetry Friday express. It’s fun, and the Poetry Friday entries tend to bring hits long after they were posted. People search the Internet for poems pretty often, I suppose.

    Happy 2007!

  9. Great resolutions!

  10. Yes, Sherry, I think you’ve found quite a niche. These are great resolutions, I think.

    As far as the Saturday Review, you might ask (but not require) those of us who link up, to put a link to the Review in the review. I do that when I remember, and I know that at least one of my readers is now a semi-regular contributor. It helps spread the word to participate or just to link over and read the other reviews.

  11. I enjoyed your list. I like the one about not being a lazy linker. I so much like it when someone links to my blog. I need to do it more often.

    I would love to read more about your approach to homeschooling.

  12. Excellent goals! Thanks for sharing them! I like the one about commenting more on other people’s blogs. In addition to encouraging other bloggers, commenting increases connectedness, and makes the whole thing more of a community.

    Thanks! Happy New Year, and Happy Blogging!

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