Advent December 14: The Keith Green Story

I haven’t done much, if any, exploring on, but I just found out that you can watch the documentary video The Keith Green Story there. Here’s a link to part 1; it’s in seven parts.

If you don’t know who Keith Green was, he was hippie flower child musician turned Christian who sang some powerful music back in the seventies. For the most part his career only lasted that one decade, but he was quite influential in the development of Christian music and in many people’s lives. Whether you’ve heard of Keith Green or you haven’t, I think you’ll find the video inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Advent December 14: The Keith Green Story

  1. I have GOT to borrow my son’s laptop and head for the library (broadband) to watch this. We have too many trees around our property to receive broadband, yet.

    I became a Christian during the Jesus People movement, was very much a part of it. How I remember Keith and the tragedy of the plane crash.

  2. variable

    Got here and seen your stuff – way to go!

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