Wednesday’s Word of the Week Galimaufry

So far, I’ve used a gallimaufry of words for my Wednesday’s Word of the Week feature: flanerie, vatic, pavid, galactagogue, snollygoster, apophenia. Can you use all seven words of the week in one (halfway intelligible) sentence?

This week’s word comes from ListVerse via Brandywine Books. The post where I found my word for the week is entitled 20 Great Archaic Words. ListVerse itself is a blog or website after my own heart, subtitled Ultimate Top Ten Lists. I did indeed find a galimaufry of lists, including Top 15 Greatest Silent Films, Top 10 Fictional Detectives, Ten Greatest American Short Story Writers, Top Ten Most Overlooked Mysteries in History, Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians, etc. You get the idea.

So, gallimaufry: A jumble or confused medley of things. Also used to describe a mix of chopped meats. The word might have come from the French, galimafree, having to do with a stew or hash.

If you plan to bake a mincemeat pie, you might use a gallimaufry. And, “Gallimaufry” is another great blog title. You’re welcome to use it if you’d like. I found one typepad blog with the title, a gallimaufrey. Be sure and let me know if you start a new one with that name.

It was simply a case of apophenia for the pavid snollygoster engaged in an afternoon of flanerie to assume that the gallimaufry of galactagogues, plastic toys, and French fries that came in his kid’s meal were actually a vatic confirmation for his candidacy. If you can translate that sentence into common English, you’re well on your way to World Word Domination.

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  1. Your words of the week are great! I didn’t know any of them!

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