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front doorI’m a little late because it took me all week to get Computer Guru Son, who has also turned into Camera Guru Son, to take the pictures for me and load them into the computer. However, I wanted to participate in BooMama’s Tour of Homes. I always say that the purpose of inviting people over to my house is to make them feel better about their own housekeeping abilities, so enjoy the lived-in look.

We begin with the front door. I wanted to paint it red or bright yellow or green, but I was overruled by Engineer Husband who’s into basic browns, whites and tans. The goose hanging on the door says, “Welcome!”

living room

Next we enter the living room. Most people notice the wallpaper map on the wall. It was our Christmas present to ourselves several years ago, and we spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day hanging the wallpaper over the paneling. The map and several built-in bookcases and our lack of financial wherewithal are the reasons we can never, never leave this house and buy another. You can’t take it with you, you know.


The gameroom is where we begin to really get the ambience of a Semicolon home. Note the cereal bowl that was not returned to the kitchen after breakfast, the book left forlorn and forsaken on the table, the half-used bottle of citrus drink, the toys in plastic buckets, the general family-friendly decor. Neither of the computers you see in the gameroom is mine. My computer blogging area is in my bedroom.


I know. It’s way too messy and cluttered and Fly-Lady and Don Aslett and any other cleaning gurus that you could name would never approve. But it’s my space, and the kids say I spend way too much time here. The bed next to the desk, barely visible in the picture, is where I usually read. Did I ever mention that I have lots of books? In the bookshelf you can see some of my treasures. The other treasures are my children. The younger set wanted to be photographed with the house, but the older set vetoed that idea. The Elders said it was bad enough to have our house displayed on the internet for all to see.


Finally, we circle back to the kitchen. I’d love to invite you in for a snack and a glass of Texas iced tea. (That’s what’s in the pitcher.) Oh, I also want fire engine red countertops, but I haven’t managed to save up the money yet. Nor have I convinced anyone else that it would be really fun and inspiring to have red countertops. Sometimes these campaigns take a long time.

I’m glad you came over for a visit. Now that we’ve done the whirlwind tour, let’s sit down and talk about books and kids and God and life and education and whatever makes us think and gives us joy. Oh, yeah, that’s what we do here at the blog. Y’all come back now, you hear?

ADDED LATER: For those who are interested, this map appears to be the same one we have on our living room wall.
And here’s a different one that I thought was nice.

30 thoughts on “Tour of the Semicolon Home

  1. Chel

    I just love the entry, the brick and the exposed beams. Awesome!!

  2. I LOVE IT ALL! the map is super cool!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can I come peruse your shelves? Love the books. Irresistably drawn to them . . .

  4. love the map. can you read cities and stuff on it?

    love the cluttered book cases. i love FULL book cases.

    what’s texas iced tea? is it bigger? is it better?

  5. Well, of course it’s bigger and better, also sweeter with lots of ahhhs, (that’s how we say “ice.”) preferably served in a large fruit jar.

  6. I love your home, it is so spacious and comfy looking!

  7. Tsh

    Love the map, too! Thanks for sharing.

  8. You have a very lovely home! I love the big map on the wall!

  9. It’s wonderful! I love all the books and the map!

  10. Oh Wow, wonderful house and the map on the wall is just stunning….LOVE that idea 🙂

  11. I enjoyed my tour..Loved all the books

  12. Thanks for posting “lived-in” pictures. I was beginning to think that my house is the only one with that comfy look!

  13. Stacie

    How did you do your map-wall? I’d love to know….

  14. LOVED that map wall-paper. And girl, you do have the books. I would love to come and nose around in your bookshelves.

    Thanks for having us!

  15. PEA

    Thanks so much for sharing your home with us!! You have a beautiful home and I love all your furniture and decor…that wall map is such a great idea!! Thanks again for the enjoyable tour:-)

  16. Where did you get the wall map of the world?

  17. We bought the wallpaper at an educational store that used to be open here near the mall. I’ll see if I can find it available via the internet and post a link.

  18. I love it. Of course I also say that I like to make people feel better about themselves by my housekeeping skills too. I love your desk and books. Great combo! Don Aslett got me somewhat inspired to get rid of things, actually, but I still have way too much, I’m sure.

  19. Gorgeous house! And I knew as soon as I saw it that you were homeschoolers (even before I poked around your blog a bit.) I didn’t show all of my books that are hidden in the messiest room of the house on my tour. 😉

  20. Thanks so much for the tour of your home. I love the books and book selves everywhere! and the world map wall is awesome.

  21. If my hubby the cartographer saw that map, he’d insist I get one for our house. Personally, I prefer your brick walls – very nice! And the beams in the ceilings. Love it!

    Thanks for the peek into your home!

  22. Great map!! I enjoyed the tour. Thanks for letting us stop by!

  23. What a great home!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. I love how comfy your kitchen is, available from both sides, open to the family.

    the whole body has a warm brown tone that just invites one in.

  25. That wall map is awesome. I’d stay there forever too. Your game room is wonderful and I cracked up when I saw your bookshelves. Looks VERY familiar. So many books…so little time. Thanks for the tour.

  26. I think fire engine red countertops would be wonderful!!
    Thanks for the tour – I enjoyed myself. You have a cozy and warm home.

  27. WOW — the wal os the world is great!

  28. I haven’t noticed any mention on your blog about the world map. Did you write about the story?


  29. I really like your house! Maps are great for wall art. And Hey, I think red counters would be awesome in your kitchen!

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