Bookspotting #11

>Christy Award Finalists (CBA fiction), a list at Faith in Fiction blog. Of the finalists, I’ve read Levi’s Will by Dale Cramer and River Rising by Athol Dickson. I must say that both books were excellent, especially River Rising. All those folks who complain about the quality of “Christian” fiction should read both of those books, and then come back and talk to me. Has anyone read any of the other nominees that you could recommend?

Norma’s Reading Club is reading these selections this year. Have you read any of these? (Note to Norma and whoever else is interested: Great Expectations is a great story and not so hard to understand that you would need a guide.)

Rebeca Writes about Virginia Lee Burton, a beautiful post about the Caldecott award winning author and illustrator who married her art teacher and wrote her books for her two sons, of whom she said, “Children are very frank critics.”

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