Saturday Review of Books: February 26, 2011

“I feel a kind of reverence for the first books of young authors. There is so much aspiration in them, so much audacious hope and trembling fear, so much of the heart’s history, that all errors and shortcomings are for a while lost sight of
in the amiable self assertion of youth.”
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tomorrow, February 27th is Longfellow’s birthday, by the way. You can read more about this beloved American poet here, here, here, here, and here (A Celebration of Longfellow). I’m rather fond of Longfellow.

SatReviewbuttonIf you’re not familiar with and linking to and perusing the Saturday Review of Books here at Semicolon, you’re missing out. Here’s how it usually works. Find a review on your blog posted sometime during the previous week of a book you were reading or a book you’ve read. The review doesn’t have to be a formal sort of thing. You can just write your thoughts on a particular book, a few ideas inspired by reading the book, your evaluation, quotations, whatever.

Then on Saturday, you post a link here at Semicolon in Mr. Linky to the specific post where you’ve written your book review. Don’t link to your main blog page because this kind of link makes it hard to find the book review, especially when people drop in later after you’ve added new content to your blog. In parentheses after your name, add the title of the book you’re reviewing. This addition will help people to find the reviews they’re most interested in reading.

After linking to your own reviews, you can spend as long as you want reading the reviews of other bloggers for the week and adding to your wishlist of books to read. That’s how my own TBR list has become completely unmanageable and the reason I can’t join any reading challenges. I have my own personal challenge that never ends.

1. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Turtle in Paradise)
2. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (37 books I have loved)
3. Amy @ Hope Is the Word (Read Aloud Thurs.–picture books by Barbara McClintock)
4. Collateral Bloggage (War)
5. SuziQoregon @ Whimpulsive (Gideon’s Sword)
6. Carol in Oregon (Two Towns in Provence)
7. Diary of an Eccentric (How Many Miles to Babylon?)
8. Diary of an Eccentric (On Maggie’s Watch)
9. Diary of an Eccentric (The Last Brother)
10. Barbara H. (A Memory Between Us)
11. Beth@Weavings (Along Came a Dog)
12. Beth@Weavings (Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl)
13. Moomin Light (Abarat)
14. Donovan @ Where Peen Meets Paper (C)
15. Janet (The Red House Mystery)
16. Janet (Brokenness – The Heart God Revives)
17. Janet (The Wanderings of Odysseus)
18. Alice@Supratentorial(Cakewalk)
19. Lazygal (Haunting Violet)
20. Lazygal (Midnight in Madrid)
21. Heather @ Books For Breakfast (Sylvester, The Mouse With The Musical Ear)
22. Heather @ Books For Breakfast (Fish Head)
23. The Lemme Library (The Friendship Doll)
24. Hope(All Things Considered by Chesterton)
25. SmallWorld Reads (Bloodroot)
26. Marie (The Giver)
27. DHM, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
28. Library Hospital (The Belfry)
29. Lucybird’s Book Blog (When God was a Rabbit)
30. Lucybird’s Book Blog (About a Boy)
31. Girl Detective (One Day)
32. Reading to Know (No Legal Grounds)
33. Reading to Know (With Calvin in the Theater of God)
34. Reading to Know (Think)
35. Colleen@Books in the City(Odious Ogre
36. Colleen@Books in the City (Devotion)
37. Colleen@Books in the City (Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt)
38. Zee @ Notes from the North (Anne’s House of Dreams)
39. Margaret @ BooksPlease (True Grit)
40. Colloquium (Skipping a Beat — GIVEAWAY)
41. Colloquium (Devotion)
42. Colloquium (The Other Life)
43. Mindy Withrow (Olga Grushin’s THE LINE)
44. Mindy Withrow (Clare Vanderpool’s MOON OVER MANIFEST)
45. Beth S. (The True Meaning of Smekday)
46. Yvann (The Seamstress)
47. Yvann (The Shadow of What We Were)
48. BookBelle (Left Neglected)
49. Melissa Wiley (recent picture book reads)
50. Beckie@ByTheBook (Beyond The Rapids)
51. Beckie@ByTheBook (The Tudor Secret)
52. Beckie@ByTheBook (The God Hater)
53. Beckie@ByTheBook (Old Friends and New Fancies)
54. BeckieBurnham@ByTheBook (Thoroughly Southern Mysteries)
55. Florinda @ The 3 R’s Blog (Certain Women)
56. Florinda @ The 3 R’s Blog (Devotion: A Memoir)
57. Miriam (The Watsons Go To BIrmingham–1963)
58. Lars Walker (Meadowland)
59. Gina @ Bookscount (Tiny Sunbirds Far Away)
60. The Lemme Library (Horton Halfpott)
61. Woman of the House (Journey Cake by Isabel McLennan McKeekin

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Review of Books: February 26, 2011

  1. Thank you for doing this!

    I’m finally getting back in the swing of reading after a few weeks where three of us had the flu. Abarat is a very creative fantasy books recommended to me by my older (college age) son. I’m reading it slowly in order to savor it.

  2. I’m really excited about my review of When God was a Rabbit because it hasn’t been published yet, and it’s the first time I’ve read a book pre-release. 🙂

  3. I love your blog Sherry! I’ve been a reader of your blog for years but just started my own blog and now I can contribute to your link.

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