It’s a Story, Folks, Not a How-to Manual

In the front of my paperback copy of Snipp, Snapp, Snurr Learn to Swim by Maj Lindman, Brown Bear Daughter found the following disclaimer:

“A note to grownups: In this story, the characters are not wearing personal flotation devices or practicing some of the other water safety measures we now consider essential. While reading this book with children, you may want to use the story as a springboard to discuss safety around water and boats.”

O.K. Or you could just read the story, first published in the U.S. in 1954, and enjoy the old-fashioned Scandinavian setting and the self-reliant triplets and the lovely illustrations. Nanny does try to ensure the boys’ safety in the water —by having them learn to swim!

8 thoughts on “It’s a Story, Folks, Not a How-to Manual

  1. That is funny! We have a few Ricka, Flicka, and Dicka books. I’ll need to check them to see if there are any similar warnings. One of them, I think it’s the one about the strawberries, has the girls going into a stranger’s house for refreshment and rest on a hot day. There’s gotta be a warning about that.

  2. Well, I guess just in case you need a little parenting help, they are there for you!

  3. isn’t it sad when the fun police are out taking the fun out of everything.

  4. Future editions of “The Cat In The Hat” will come with a statement from the SPCA warning parents not to let their children put a hat on their cat.

  5. Thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

  6. Oh, the funnies we find where we don’t expect it.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog today!

  7. Hee hee! Sometimes I wonder how we survived at all. Now I am going to look for these kinds of warnings. A.

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