An Encouraging Visit

I was feeling rather old and grouchy and uninspired tonight–as if I’d landed in the wrong story and didn’t know how to do my part nor how to direct the other actors (urchins) nor what to do with myself at all. So I took a quick trip to Mitford, and I must say I’m feeling much better. Engineer Husband gave me the book Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon last Christmas, but I saved it for this year. It was a good decision. I needed to spend some time with Father Tim and Cynthia and Hope at Happy Endings bookstore. Life may not really be like Mitford, but I can dream and escape there for a little while–and come back renewed. And here’s a dose of Father Tim’s philosophy for your day:

Call him a stick-in-the-mud, a dinosaur, a fusty throwback, but indeed, jumping into the fray the day after Halloween was akin to hitting and holding, high C for a couple of months, while a bit of patience saved Christmas for Christmas morning and kept the holy days fresh and new.

4 thoughts on “An Encouraging Visit

  1. That is a wonderful book. I listened to the audiobook last fall when I was driving out of state to see my father in the hospital. It was a very soothing book to listen to during an anxious time. (My dad is fine now, by the way)

  2. Yes, I love anything Mitford. Karon has a way of soothing rough edges and spirits. And she helps me see life with a gentle spirit.

    Have you seen Karon’s Patches of Godlight? I gave this to my oldest daughter for Christmas a few years ago. Wonderful Father Tim quotes.

    I want her A Continual Feast. Maybe this is the year to give this one to oldest daughter…..

  3. I am reading that this year also, Sherry. Perfect for my holiday snippets of reading time.

  4. A little escape to Mitford can inspire me in my real life as well. Glad it was the boost you needed. I second the recommendation of Patches of Godlight. The quotes are great, and she leaves pages in the back for you to add your own quotes.

    Thanks for Semicolon, Sherry. You do a great job.


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