A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest by J.A. Myhre

Posted by Sherry on 6/6/2017 in 2015, Africa, Children's Fiction, Kenya |

Ten year old Mu has lived with the family of his great-uncle, the mukumu (a African traditional priest who can cast curses and give protection from them), for as long as he can remember. Mu is treated more as a servant than as a member of the family, but at least he gets to go […]


Amos and the Moon by Jan Balet

Posted by Sherry on 8/2/2016 in 1948, 2015, General, Picture Book Preschool |

Jan Balet “was a German/US-American painter, graphic artist and illustrator. Affected by the style naive art he worked particularly as a graphic artist and as an Illustrator of children’s books. Besides this he painted pictures in the style of naive art. Referred to as a “naïve” painter, his works exhibit a dry wit and refreshingly […]


Seven Things That Made Me Smile in April

Posted by Sherry on 5/1/2016 in 2015, Celebrations, Children's Fiction, General |

April was a difficult month, but I’m not going to tell you about all the things that made me do the opposite of smile in April. (Hint: for one, initials are DT, and police were involved in another frown-maker.) Instead, I’m going to play Pollyanna and tell you about the stuff that made me smile, […]


Code of Honor by Alan Gratz

Posted by Sherry on 4/16/2016 in 2015, Adventure thriller, General, Young Adult Fiction |

Kamran Smith, football star, West Point applicant, and homecoming king, has spent his entire life admiring, following, and emulating his older brother, Darius. But now Darius is accused of a heinous crime: Darius’s face is all over the news, and he’s acting like a terrorist. Can an Army Ranger, West Point graduate, and all-around good […]


A Pocket Full of Murder by R.J. Anderson

Posted by Sherry on 3/8/2016 in 2015, Children's Fiction, General |

“In the spell-powered city of Tarreton, the wealthy have all the magic they desire, while the working class can hardly afford a simple spell to heat their homes. Twelve year old Isaveth is poor, but she’s also brave, loyal, and zealous in the pursuit of justice–which is lucky, because her father has just been wrongfully […]


Orbiting Jupiter by Gary Schmidt

Posted by Sherry on 2/25/2016 in 2015, Children's Fiction, General, Young Adult Fiction |

Wow! I was warned that this 2015 novel by one of my favorite authors, Gary Schmidt, packs an emotional punch, but I still wasn’t prepared for the almost overwhelming sadness and poignancy of Schmidt’s characters and his prose. The narrator of the story is a twelve year old boy, Jackson, and his voice is one […]


The Way Home Looks Now by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

Posted by Sherry on 2/16/2016 in 1972, 2015, Children's Fiction, General |

Set in 1972, this novel for middle grade readers tells the story of Peter Lee, a Chinese-American boy who loves baseball, and his very traditional Taiwanese father, Chen Lee. These two are the characters around whom the narrative revolves as Peter and his “Ba” (what Peter calls his dad) come to understand and even appreciate […]


The Dungeoneers by John David Anderson

Posted by Sherry on 1/27/2016 in 2015, Children's Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, General |

Author John David Anderson (Side-kicked, Minion) seems to be interested in moral ambiguity for middle grade readers. In this kinda sorta medieval/fairy tale setting, our protagonist, Colm Candorly, shows talent as a pickpocket and is invited to go to a school for “dungeoneers”, adventurers who steal treasure from goblins and orcs and other nasty creatures. […]


The Fog Diver by Joel Ross

Posted by Sherry on 1/26/2016 in 2015, Children's Fiction, General |

A post-apocalyptic (Hunger Games) sort of adventure story pitched for younger readers, maybe 9 to 12 years old. The nanites that were supposed to combat the air pollution of a long-ago civilization have instead taken over the entire surface of the earth, creating a deadly fog that brings sickness to anyone who spends time in […]


The Sign of the Cat by Lynne Jonell

Posted by Sherry on 1/18/2016 in 2015, Children's Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, General |

Cat lovers (and tiger lovers) everywhere who also enjoy fabulous fantasy adventure stories should pick this one up right away. Duncan McKay has a special, secret ability: he can speak cat. Of course, cats understand human language anyway, but rare is the human who can speak to and understand cats in their own language. Duncan […]

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