Cleophas and Elizabeth Visit Easter Sunrise Service

We have a tradition in our church of having Biblical characters visit our Easter sunrise service in the park. This year Cleophas and his wife, Elizabeth, from Emmaus told us about their encounter with the resurrected Christ. First Person Drama, written by Pastor Bob DeGray and performed by John Bauer and Zion Early. Based on […]


Christmas at Brede Abbey, Sussex, England, c. 1955

“On the night of Christmas Eve the abbey was so still it might have been thought to be empty, or the nuns asleep, but when the bell sounded at ten o’clock, from all corners, especially from the church, silent figures made their way to their station in the long cloister, and Abbess Catherine led them […]


Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson

Posted by Sherry on 8/13/2014 in Adult Fiction, Christian Fiction, General |

Not much happens in this character-driven novel of a woman who is having a mid-life crisis in the midst of her addiction to materialism and shopping. In fact, if you want to know what Quaker Summer is all about, read this 2007 interview with author Lisa Samson. That’s pretty much it: suburban upper middle class […]


The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is one talented guy. I’ve been a big fan of his songs for quite a while now, but I haven’t read any of his Wingfeather Saga books because, well, I just didn’t want to commit myself to a big, huge, sprawling, saga series of books. And the idea that the man could sing […]


Jane Austen and the Longing for Fidelity and Honor

Posted by Sherry on 12/16/2013 in --December, Adult Fiction, Birthdays, Christian Fiction, General |

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! We discussed the novels of Jane Austen recently in Sunday School class at my church (studying this book by Jerome Barrs), and we particularly focused on the reason for Austen’s burst in popularity in the past 20 years or so. Of course, movie and TV mini-series versions of Austen’s novels fueled […]

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Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower

Posted by Sherry on 12/3/2013 in 2013, Children's Fiction, Christian Fiction, General, Mysteries |

Andi Unexpected reminded me of the simple mystery stories I read when I was nine and ten and eleven years old, nothing profound or even memorable, just a good solid mystery story for middle grade kids who like that sort of thing. After the death of their scientist parents in the jungles of Central America, […]

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November 29th–A Very Good Day

Three wonderful authors, for whose work I am very thankful, were born on this date. Any of their books would make lovely Christmas presents. 1. C.S. Lewis Lewis is the best writer and the most profound thinker of the three, the one whose work will stand the test of time. I predict that Mere Christianity, […]

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No Dark Valley by Jamie Langston Turner

Posted by Sherry on 7/21/2013 in Adult Fiction, Christian Fiction, Conversion stories, General, Romance |

Jamie Langston Turner is one of my “go-to” authors for Christian-themed fiction. So when I saw a copy of a novel by Ms. Turner that I hadn’t yet read while I was perusing the shelves at Half-Price Books, I bought it without a second thought. And I’m glad I did. No Dark Valley is a […]


The Rosemary Tree by Elizabeth Goudge

Posted by Sherry on 6/20/2013 in 1956, Adult Fiction, Christian Fiction, England, General, Literary fiction, Romance |

I have read very few authors with as much insight into the feelings and thought processes of men, women, and children as Elizabeth Goudge. The Rosemary Tree is remarkable in its treatment of characters who are all somewhat broken (as are we all), but who fall on a continuum from repentant to ineffectual to struggling […]


Reinventing Rachel by Alison Strobel

Posted by Sherry on 4/15/2013 in Adult Fiction, Christian Fiction, General |

Rachel just got hit with a triple whammy: her fiance is cheating on her, her parents have been keeping a big (BAD) secret from her, and her best friend and Christian mentor has a drug problem. So, Rachel goes off the rails, leaves her faith, and moves to Chicago. To my discredit, I am normally […]

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